Snow Alerts

Periodic updates on the City's snow and ice removal operations will be posted at the bottom of this page.

The City of Corning prioritizes its plowing operations depending on weather conditions and resources available.  Currently, we have some vacancies in the Public Works Department due to a national shortage of employees with Commercial Drivers License.  This shortage of drivers may result in service delays. If you, or someone you know, is interested in employment opportunities in the Public Works Department, please visit our Employment Notice page.

In general, we plow priority routes first followed by secondary streets. In most cases, alleys and parking lots are plowed last. We ask for the public’s patience, as snow fall rates and limited resources can reduce our abilities to rapidly clear snow and ice. Roads may become slippery.

During winter snow events, we advise no unnecessary travel. If you must travel, please drive with caution and give yourself ample time to reach your destination. Make sure all windows are cleared, your vehicle is in good operating condition, and you have tires with good tread.
Please do not follow closely behind or try to pass plow trucks. Please do not plow or blow your snow in the roadway. This may cause a traffic hazard and also slows down plow crews.

Adherence to Street Parking Regulations is essential to enable the most efficient clearing of the streets. Please park your cars in your driveway to make plowing operations more efficient. Cars left on the street or illegally parked can significantly slow our plowing operations.

Police dispatchers do not coordinate plow operations and do not have additional information concerning the operational status of plowing. Please do not tie up emergency personnel and phone lines with general questions.